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Joomla content Management System.

A day of networking, presentations, discussions and fun – all around the Joomla content Management System. Registration is essential as seats are limited.


A gathering of all Joomla! users in South Africa – end users, managers, administrators, developers and service providers to the Joomla community.   

We would like your feedback about the various Joomla Days

To all the contributors and organisers, especially those of you who have had to fly to Cape Town, my heartiest thanks and appreciation. 
It was really great to get together with all Joomla-ites.  
Great day and a special thanks for the Joomla security session.

Durban ROCKS!
Thanks for a great 2 days of Joomla info, tips and general brainwashing Very worthwhile. 
Sign me up for 2019!

Thanks for a great Joomla Day on Saturda
I’ve also looked through the disk you gave us from the course … there is a wealth of information and resource on it – thanks!

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Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet



The Challenges For Joomla – User Experience



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Who Use Us?

Some of the South African offices who have blazed the road for Joomla

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lthough Joomla has been around since 2005 and is being used by more than 30 million people or businesses, it has yet to really kick off in South Africa.  It will probably be the preferred choice as the Internet and access to the Internet improves since Joomla is simple and user-friendly. The biggest hurdle is finding a way to bring the computers with Internet access and electricity to the people. For now, many rely on their cell phones or Internet cafes to access the net which limits their chances of needing Joomla. AS far as CMS or Content Management Systems are concerned, Joomla is being used by some local government offices and municipalities. In Cape Town, there are more than 10 who have launched their website using this open source CMS and they appear to be very satisfied with it. The Challenges For Joomla in South Africa Internet infrastructure is an even bigger problem than service delivery. Rather than pinpoint Joomla as being the problem, it’s more a case of not being understood so it’s sidestepped. Much of the resistance comes from those who are not computer literate yet in a position of power and authority. Since they don’t see


Joomla! Day Vancouver

The Vancouver Joomla! community invites you to the first Joomla! Day Vancouver. The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 14th, 2008, from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, and will be held at the Vancouver Public Library in downtown Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia, Canada . Joomla! developers and enthusiasts from the greater Vancouver area and all over the world will attend this important community driven and inspired event. Many are flying in for Joomla! Day Vancouver and the Sites and Infrastructure Working Group‘s general meeting scheduled the day before. This will be a great gathering of community members and a perfect opportunity to network with others. The presenters and coordinators for Joomla! Day Vancouver include some of the original creators and maintainers of the Joomla! CMS framework: Presenters: Brad Baker – Joomla! Core Team Member Chris Adams – CEO of Rochen Limited Levis Bisson – Joomla! Core Team Member Michelle Bisson – Joomla! Core Team Member Steve Burge – CEO of Alledia Louis Landry – Joomla! Core Team Member Jennifer Marriott – Joomla! Working Group Member Toni Marie Swats – Joomla! Working Group Member Coordinators: Wendy Robinson – Joomla! Forum Workgroup Member RMD Studio Jentekk Web Solutions Peer Globe Technology Tazzu