Joomla Bandwagon

South Africa is the kind of country that Joomla was created for. It’s an open source platform that is used to create an online presence. You can make a government website, a community page, a blog, a business website. The great thing is that you pay less since you don’t have to factor in costs like a professional webmaster or graphic artist. You may even be able to handle the maintenance of the site with a little training from Joomla! South Africa. Some of the South African offices who have blazed the road for Joomla are:

The Province of Eastern Cape Transport in Cape Town

The Province of Eastern Cape Transport has a goal of providing quality and affordable transportation system for the people of Eastern Cape.  Two of the major cities in Eastern Cape are East London and Port Elizabeth. It is the home province of Nelson Mandela and attracts many visitors almost all year round. Its biggest transport challenge is the terrain in some areas which is rugged and rough, to put it mildly.

The website serves several purposes:

  • it informs locals of new developments
  • It opens a forum for anyone interested in making suggestions or complaining about anything to do with the transport system in the province
  • It serves as motivation for the local government to keep working on improving the system

The Department of Communications

The Department of Communications (DoC) made the right decision when it launched it Joomla supported website. Its mandate is to”create a vibrant ICT” so all South Africans and its visitors have access to reliable ICT services. It also is tasked with the challenge of developing e-learning in the country and e-commerce through comprehensive information dissemination and educational content.

The Presidential National Commission on Information Society and Development (ISAD)

ISAD was created in 2002 and recently was re-organized to assist and advice the agencies involve with ICT in order to make the country more competitive globally. Obviously they had to put up their own website as flag bearer for the program, and they chose Joomla.

The National Youth Development Agency in Port Elizabeth

The National Youth Development Agency in Eastern Cape Province has a humungous task of covering an area the size of Uruguay. Their Joomla-supported website holds a lot of information that will direct its visitors to the right branch, phone number, contact person, news, event etc so they don’t waste time. Their website gets the information out quickly which in turn helps them stay organized and focused on other things aside from answering phone calls.

Province of Northern Cape

The website of the Province of Northern Cape is an extension of its office in the sense that anyone can apply for jobs with government, submit tenders, learn more about the province, know what’s currently happening in and around the province, and keep updated with current events. The website is clean, easy to navigate and full of relevant content. It is the perfect Joomla community page.

Other offices that use Joomla are the Bitou Municipality, the Provincial Government of KwaZulu-Natal, and the Department of Agriculture in Limpopo.

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